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About Us

Fly Contour Clothing

The history of Fly Contour Clothing.

Fly Contour Clothing was founded by Albert "Jug Visconti" Reed in New Haven, Connecticut. Fly Contour is an urban clothing line targeted at inner city residents. 

In 2017 Albert met graphic designer, Brian McCall of Creative Strength Designs, who happened to design a particular logo for a clothing line that didn't exist yet. That fictional clothing line was brought to the capable hands of Albert and became a larger part of his idea for Fly Contour Clothing, known as Eight Degree Clothing. Together the two have partnered up to creating apparel for urban wear and casual inner and outer wear.

Quality Material, Quality Designs

Our goal is to allow urban city residents to express themselves in ways that speak to the current social and fashion driven climate. Overtime we want to expand the products that we produce for our customers to give more variety of choice that can allow for the ultimate urban customization. But wait! Fly Contour isn't just urban wear. Via our Eight Degree Clothing line we are making the effort to reach all sorts of customers from all over. With stylish designs we want to give everyone a way to express their style with our fashion. We can't wait to see how you wear our clothing.

We hope you continue to come back around to see what more we have to share with you all. We're excited for the future.